Outdoor Play

~ Small steps are a big idea. Never be discouraged when you make progress, NO matter how slow or small. Only be wary of standing still ~ 

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  • Bike Racks

    ~ There are many people who are at the right place at the right time but don't know it  ~ 

  • Disc Golf

    ~ Don't bother with small plans, because they motivate NO one [ especially you! ] ~

  • Family Fun

    ~ Go from looking at what YOU can see to believing what YOU can have  ~ 

  • Field Day

    ~ All good fruits, are the fruits of originality ~

  • Flying Discs

    ~ Whatever YOU attach consistently to the words. ' I am ' YOU will become ~ 

  • Locomotion

    ~ It seems that hardship is the necessary preparation for GREATness ~  

  • Other

    ~ The breakfast of champions is not cereal, it's obstacles ~

  • Parachutes

    ~ If YOU have a dream without problems, YOU don't really have a dream ~ 

  • Pickle Ball

    ~ Turning an obstacle to YOUR advantage is the firts step toward victory ~ 

  • Playground Equipment

    ~ The difficulties n struggles of TODAY are but the BEST price we must pay fot the accomplishment n victory of tomorrow ~ 

  • Scooter Boards

    ~ Yes! Edison was afraid of the dark, yet he overcame that obstacle in a big way n invented the light bulb ~ 

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items